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Don’t let “Gun plumbers” alter your guns. If you do, you’re asking for trouble.

One of my biggest concerns involves people who alter their gun from manufacture specifications. Years ago, a lot of competition shooters would alter their Glock trigger by removing the inertia safety. The inertia trigger safety is what makes the Glock trigger look like there’s two triggers.

Some folks would drill out the small pin that holds the inertia safety in the body of the trigger. Why? So they could “Shoot faster.” A couple of years ago, I had a lady taking the CHL class and was using a Glock 17, which is a 9MM. She borrowed the gun from a competition shooter.

Prior to going to the range, I conduct a pre-qualification safety and function check on all guns being used on the range. Having carried a Glock for 18 years and being a Glock Armorer, I know what a Glock trigger should feel like. The trigger just felt really soft and different. I looked at the trigger and saw that the inertia safety was still in the trigger. For the inertia safety to be disengaged, you must put direct pressure on the middle of the trigger, which then allows the trigger to go fully back and fire the gun. Apparently, these competition shooters started having their guns disqualified from matches if they removed the inertia safety because the gun, if dropped, could discharge. So, again, the inertia safety was there, but, when I put my fingers on each side of the trigger, not touching the safety, and moved the trigger to the rear, it went back and allowed the trigger to release the firing pin. Guess what someone had done. They cut the frame behind the trigger so the inertia safety appears to be there, but it doesn’t work, meaning the gun could fire if it were dropped. Please don’t let “Gun plumbers” alter your guns. You are asking for trouble.

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