Basic Marksmanship Training

Texas License to Carry or LTC

Let Texas License to Carry Instructors with 20 years experience, prepare you for the carrying of a handgun. Who would you want testifying on your behalf if it became necessary?

Defensive Carbine Training

Defensive Carbine Training

Defensive Carbine 1 prepares you to use semi-auto short barreled weapon systems for personal self-defense applications.

Concealment & Low Light Training

Concealment & Low Light

If you’re carrying a concealed handgun, how often have you actually drawn and fired from concealment?

Texas Concealed Carry Institute

Texas Concealed Carry Institute has provided Texas License to Carry training to North Texas since 1995.

LTC Training

Let Texas License to Carry Instructors with 20 years experience, prepare you for the carrying of a handgun. Who would you want testifying on your behalf if it became necessary?

Our Staff

Texas Concealed Carry Institute has provides Texas License to Carry training in McKinney, TX. since 1995. Our instructors are licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors and License To Carry (LTC) Instructors.

Our Classes

Our classes average 5-10 people not 50 or 60 people crammed into the room! We have weekday and weekend License To Carry (LTC) classes.

LTC Classes

Our original one day License To Carry Training (LTC) is $89.00 including the range.

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We offer a variety of class dates to fit your busy schedule.

Certified Instructors

Both Phil and Cesare are certified in several disciplines of self defense as police instructors such as defensive tactics, pepper spray and impact weapons. Since beginning to teach CHL in 1995, they have taught thousands of people for both their license and advanced firearms courses.

Licensed Instructors

Our instructors are police instructors and licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors and License To Carry (LTC) Instructors.


Both Instructors have been teaching since 1995 to thousands of satisfied customers, formerly affiliated with the Collin County Gun Range.

Defensive Handgun Training Insights for Women

By Phil | January 27, 2024

More women are taking defensive handgun training classes to be prepared to protect themselves. Every 9 seconds in the US, a woman is assaulted or beaten. With levels of partner violence continuing to increase, civil unrest, and escalating world tensions, many more women are choosing to arm themselves. In fact, nearly half of new firearm purchases are made by women.

Courts Issue Injunction on Pistol Braces and Rulings on Parts Kits

By Phil | December 5, 2023

Many of you may not be affected by AR-15 pistol braces or even gun parts kits (aka “Ghost Guns). However, the ruling on parts kits could have farther reaching implications…

National Security and Border Concerns: Preparing for Unforeseen Threats

By Phil | October 13, 2023

In this blog, we want to raise awareness and stimulate thought regarding national security and border and unforeseen threats.

Texas License to Carry (LTC) Questions And Answers

By Phil | November 24, 2021

Open carry started January 1, 2016 in Texas and the Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) is now known as the Texas License to Carry (LTC). Texas Concealed Carry Institute compiled…

Campus Carry

By Phil | October 22, 2015

The carrying of a concealed handgun on university and college campuses (Campus Carry) went into effect on 8/1/15. The law is not very strong as universities and colleges can have…

Don’t let “Gun plumbers” alter your guns. If you do, you’re asking for trouble.

By Phil | March 24, 2014

One of my biggest concerns involves people who alter their gun from manufacture specifications. Years ago, a lot of competition shooters would alter their Glock trigger by removing the inertia…

Recommended Concealed Carry Guns

By Phil | May 31, 2013

The following is a list of guns that I personally like for a concealed carry option. I do not represent any of these companies, nor do I make any claim…

Your Employer & Your CHL Rights

By Phil | March 20, 2013

Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders enjoy some of the least restrictive carry laws in the nation.  In Texas your employer has the right to restrict your carrying of a…


Kimberly Joseph
Kimberly Joseph
I took the LTC class with range test on September 9. The instructors were thorough and extremely safety oriented. They made jokes to make participants feel comfortable but gun laws and safety was the focus. I know you don’t need an LTC to carry in Texas but this class was necessary for me to get the facts and feel more comfortable while carrying. Definitely recommend.
Scott Mackler
Scott Mackler
Phil and Cesar are the consummate professionals. As instructors they have a wonderful style. They are diagnostic, focused on fundamentals and able to let you proceed at your own pace once you have proven that you can do so safely. There is no place more welcoming and relaxed, yet challenging and results oriented. There is a logical progression from entry level to advanced. Recommend without hesitation!
Phil and Caesar made the entire LTC process enjoyable. From shooting range to class, everything was done safely and smoothly. They are very professional and have been doing it for decades.
Sanjay Pandey
Sanjay Pandey
I participated in LTC class with Texas Concealed Carry Institute. I am very much satisfied with the detailed knowledge from Phil and Caser. I am planning to take the advance level training with this institute. Thank you Phil and Caser.
Brian Howe Sr.
Brian Howe Sr.
Phil and Cesar provided a good training experience teaching excellent safety practices that everyone should have knowledge of. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking basic firearm skills, seeking to learn additional handling experience, or learning of new gun laws. The range was located on a beautiful piece of property, was an overall fun experience, and an excellent refresher course that reminds you that frequent practice is a necessity; thank you.
I’ve taken CCW/LTC classes in other states but the quality and inclusiveness of Texas Concealed Carry Institute was the best by a long shot. Phil was very succinct and his real life analogies made understanding the spirit of the law much more easy and fun. Finally, the de-escalation chapter is knowledge that saves lives, money and headaches; a must for responsible gun owners. I’m definitely signing up for the other gun proficiency classes..
Andrew Hodgson
Andrew Hodgson
Phil is amazing. Great skill and knowledge, will get you through the material in an efficient and straightforward manner. The range session was organized, safe, and welcoming for new gun owners. Highly recommend! I will be taking more classes from Phil.
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith
I took my first LTC course with Phil Ryan a week ago! He is a great instructor, very confident and very safety oriented. He is super knowledgable in the laws and rules of the course as well. I am more confident in myself after taking this class. I would highly recommend you take this course with Phil.

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