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Teaching safety and skill.

Texas License to Carry Classes

Currently we provide the the online training class for a Texas LTC. We also provide the required range/proficiency portion of the class in Cumby, Texas 22 minutes east of Greenville, 20 minutes west of Sulphur Springs. LTC range is by listed date or appointment.

Firearms Training

We provide a variety of skill enhancing courses for handgun, rifle and shotgun. Defensive Handgun Level I , II, III , Shooting from concealment and Low Light, Carbine/rifle I & II, Shotgun I. Basic for handgun, rifle and shotgun also available. 

Texas LTC Training

Texas Concealed Carry Institute has provided Texas License to Carry training to North Texas since 1995.

Texas Concealed Carry Institute has provided Texas License to Carry training in McKinney, TX. since 1995. Our instructors are licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors and License To Carry (LTC) Instructors.

Let Texas License to Carry Instructors with 25 years experience, prepare you for the carrying of a handgun. Who would you want testifying on your behalf if it became necessary?

Our classes average 5-10 people not 50 or 60 people crammed into the room! We have weekday and weekend License To Carry (LTC) classes.

Our original one day License To Carry Training (LTC) is $89.00 including the range.

Our Instructors

Our dedicated instructors have 25 plus years as law enforcement instructors

Both Phil and Cesare are certified in several disciplines of self defense as police instructors such as defensive tactics, pepper spray and impact weapons. Since beginning to teach CHL in 1995, they have taught thousands of people for both their license and advanced firearms courses.

Our instructors are police instructors and licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors and License To Carry (LTC) Instructors.

Our dedicated instructors have 25 plus years as law enforcement instructors and can improve your self protection skills in a variety of scenarios with gun training. They have been instructing CHL, now called License to carry / LTC since 1995. Our courses include; basic firearms, advanced handgun, carbine, shotgun, shooting from concealment & lowlight. Serving all including Greenville Texas, Sulphur Springs Texas, Cumby Texas, Emory Texas, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, Commerce, Cooper, Hopkins County, Hunt County, Rains County, Delta County, Collin County, Lamar County, Grayson County, Wood County.

Satisfied Customers

Julian Ramos
Julian Ramos
As a US ARMY Veteran, First I would like to say that Phil and Ceasere are both great instructors, they made both the range and classroom fun, but also take it seriously. I can now walk confidently around or driving being a future LTC owner
Logan Langley
Logan Langley
My girlfriend and I took the class (range + class after) and both Phil and Caesar were very informative and made the whole thing really fun. They provided a ton of snacks for us during class too!
Jeffery Sadler
Jeffery Sadler
Both instructors were very cool dudes. Both Phil and Cesar are very informative, professional and fun to be around. The class gave me and my wife lots of good knowledge. Looking forward to taking one of the other classes they have to offer
Don Johnson
Don Johnson
In addition to CHL training, TCCI offers a full range of defensive weapons training for handgun, carbine and shotgun in successively more challenging levels. The instruction is first-class, and includes lots of "street wise" scenarios based on the instructors' LE experience. I especially recommend the "Concealment and Low LIght" class which provides invaluable techniques for carrying concealed and drawing and engaging with a concealed weapon. And the drills in low light and no light situations are particularly "illuminating" (pardon the pun). No matter how good you are - or think you are - these classes will make you better.
Carol S
Carol S
Both Phil and Caesar made the class interesting, enjoyable and very informative. I highly recommend anyone looking to take LTC class to sign up with this one, you won't regret it!!!
Liem Nguyen
Liem Nguyen
I took the LTC gun training on 9/26/2020. The instructors are efficient and very effective. Just by following their instructions, I was able to score well past the requisite to pass the test. This is amazing, considering that this is the 5th time I shoot any handgun and the 2nd time I shoot this newly bought handgun. 12/6/2020 update Since September 2020, I had taken the two more classes, the Level 1 Defensive Handgun and Concealment & Low Light from this place. I had also taken two other sessions with instructors at other gun ranges plus many shooting sessions. What I learned is that while the instructors at the gun ranges are helpful and can get you started with how to choose your gun and the basic mechanic of shooting a handgun, the normal gun range environment (shooting from behind a bench/shelf) can only bring you so far along. To be really proficient with using a handgun to defend yourself and your family, you really need the kind of trainings provided by the Texas Concealed Carry Institute. Phil and Cesare are excellent instructors. My skill level increases more in one day with Phil and Cesare than a whole month practicing at gun ranges. If you are serious about learning to use handguns, or any other guns for that matter, Texas Concealed Carry Institute is the best place to start.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez
very much liked the class and lots of fun!..will be back for the level 2 class😎.
Excellent experience. No nonsense thorough training from seasoned professionals who take safety very seriously. Highly recommend.
Doug Rogers
Doug Rogers
This course is amazing and Phil and Cesare are great! I did my research on where to take it and I'm real glad I took this course with them. You won't find anybody more professional, more focused on you learning what you need to learn, or more experienced about the subject than these guys. I came away with greater respect for the responsibility and accountability I have as a gun owner with a license to carry. Thank you for making this a great way to spend my Saturday!
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez
I took the LTC-100, which is a great class to take if you’re planning on being a first time gun owner. Phil and Caesar are very knowledgeable on gun safety, handling, and state law centered around gun ownership. I felt safe with them and I highly recommend taking their class.

Texas License to Carrry F.A.Q

View Texas LTC frequently asked questions

Classes held at Yeager Office Suites 6401 W. Eldorado Parkway McKinney, TX 75070

Range is on a private ranch 10 minutes from classroom.

Yes, you can join any of our scheduled LTC classes. $40.00 for range training only. You need to register via the website or email to make reservation: [email protected]

No, There is no reporting of what guns you own when applying for a CHL, nor is there any gun registration in Texas.

No, an LTC is a license to carry a concealed handgun or open, its’ not needed to buy or possess legal firearms.

Once you receive your license you may carry any gun that you can legally obtain. There is no restriction on the number of guns you may carry either. It doesn’t matter what type of gun you qualify with you can carry either semi or non-semi. .22 caliber and up for qualification on the range.

Starting January 1, 2016 if you have a CHL.

Upon completion of the training course and application packet, the state has 60 days from the time it receives your completed materials to issue your license. 45 days is allowed for a renewal.


No, you do not have to complete the state application to take the class. You can complete it at:

State LTC Application

A list of states can be found here

The class has a very detailed lecture on where you can and can’t carry.

Penal Code 46.03 starts on page 38

Penal Code 46.035 starts on page 40

Texas Concealed Handgun Laws and Statutes

Yes, as long as you meet all the applicant requirements and take the training.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.