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Campus Carry

The carrying of a concealed handgun on university and college campuses (Campus Carry) went into effect on 8/1/15. The law is not very strong as universities and colleges can have “Gun Free Zones.” They have to justify them to the legislator, however the legislator has no power to change it until they meet in session and pass a law. They can use 30.06 to prohibit the carrying in designated areas. There is nothing stopping them from using 30.06 on every building. They can also regulate the storage of firearms in dormitories and other campus housing. NO OPEN CARRY on campus. Carrying on a public junior college does not apply until August 1, 2017.

A full list of the 2015 CHL updates can be found on our FAQ page. Scroll to the bottom.

Texas Concealed Carry Institute has been providing Texas License to Carry (LTC) training for residents of McKinney, TX and other Collin County cities, including Allen, Plano, and Frisco since 1995.  Our instructors are active duty police officers, licensed by the State of Texas as Police Firearms Instructors and License To Carry Instructors. They are also certified in several disciplines of self-defense, as police instructors, such as defensive tactics, pepper spray and impact weapons.

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Phil is certified in several disciplines of self defense as a police instructor such as defensive tactics, pepper spray and impact weapons. Since beginning to teach CHL in 1995, he has taught thousands of people for both their license and advanced firearms courses.

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