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Why Is The Class 10 Hours?

Many years ago when the CHL was being debated, one of the biggest concerns was safety.  As always, detractors use safety as a way to complicate a guaranteed Second Amendment right to “keep and bear arms”.  So the State requires specific areas be taught and a minimum of 10 hours and no more than 15 hours of instruction.  Is that bad?  Well, maybe not.

The Texas CHL original course is designed to teach you the laws concerning the carrying of the handgun, much more than marksmanship.  You should know how to shoot.  But if you don’t, the current curriculum requires a basic marksmanship and safety portion with a range qualification to ensure you can hit a target at a reasonable distance.  This should encompass about 3 hours of the class.  Any instructor spending 5, 6, 7 hours on the range in a 10 hour course is doing a disservice to their students.  Lining up milk jugs full of water and shooting them with different calibers can’t be found in the Department of Public Safety instructor’s guide, but, it’s happening.

Why would an instructor do that?  I don’t want to be self aggrandizing, but, frankly, those instructors don’t know what they are doing and have little to no knowledge of the law and how it applies to you, the legal carrying of that handgun and most importantly the use of deadly force.   Imagine, pulling your handgun in a stress situation, pulling the trigger believing you’re justified because, “I feared for my life” and finding yourself on trail for aggravated assault or murder, all because your instructor wanted to shoot jugs of water rather than spend the 2 plus hour’s we spend on the use of force alone.  The words I feared for my life do not appear in Chapter 9 of the Penal Code which covers justified use of force in defense of person or property.

Over the years I have had multiple students take a 4 hour renewal course from us and tell us that we taught them more in 4 hours then their original instructor did in 10 hours.  What’s even worse is when a student tells us their original class was 4 hours or 7 hours.  The State requires a minimum of 10 hours.  How is this possible?  I guess you’d have to observe their class and ours to see the difference.   When that instructor signs your certificate they are stating you met the minimum training requirements which is 10 hours for an original CHL.  When you sign it you’re saying you did meet that standard.  You also sign and Eligibility Affidavit saying you met the training requirements, both state documents.  If you did not meet the training requirement and you sign them, it’s found out that it wasn’t true, that is falsification of a state document a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and a fine up to $3500.00.  Ouch!  Further, if you have a job that requires a security clearance or ever try to get one, you’ll lose it or won’t get one.  It’s a moral turpitude crime, lying, cheating, stealing category, it’s not worth it!  Oh, at the very least you’ll get your license revoked and lose all the money you spent, and it’s happened more than once.

We are very detailed on where you can and can’t carry your handgun, another area that could get you in trouble with the law if you don’t know it.

As far as a range qualification, don’t you want to know that the other 250,000 plus license holders will hit their target and not you?

Am I trying to scare you into taking your training with us?  No.  We just believe in doing it the right way, for your sake and the sake of the program.

Are there other good instructors out there, of course, the bottom line is this; the majority of the course for an original CHL is the law and knowing the law, that’s what is going to keep you out of a problem you may not want to be in.  We pride ourselves on teaching you the material, not the answers to a test.  If it came down to it, who would you want testifying on your behalf, two state license police instructors and certified police firearms instructors or,…?  We hope you choose us for you training.
TCCI has Police Firearms Instructors that will answer all your questions, we believe in quality, not quantity.

We do it all in one day CHL and 1/2 day renewals, classroom and range with limited size classes of 8-14 students. Be careful with the big discount providers: 40 to 60 people sitting elbow to elbow for 10 plus hours. No time for instructors to address your questions rushing through the material without explanation. Bullet Trap in Plano is $175.00 to take a one day CHL, otherwise it’s $130.00 and you have to come back on a Monday to qualify on the range!

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