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Recommend Concealed Carry Guns

The following is a list of guns that I personally like for a concealed carry option. I do not represent any of these companies, nor do I make any claim that these products are the only options available, nor any guaranty implied or otherwise. There are many quality firearms available for personal defense. This is my personal opinion. For those of you reading this on the website, there is no reason to email me you personal dislike for any gun on this list, not everything is for everybody!

The biggest problem I’ve observed in the last 15 years is people buy quality handguns but, the guns become cumbersome for daily continued carry. A student recently repeated a saying to me, “A 32 in your pocket is better than a 44 in the glove box.” I couldn’t agree more. The majority of violent crime victims are confronted outside their vehicle in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, in their own driveway, etc… They are not so fortunate as to have the luxury of being in their vehicle and digging it out of the console when it hits the fan!

If you choose to carry a different model or make of gun, that’s fine, I’m not saying your wrong and I’m right, these are my personal suggestions based on my experiences.

Guys, insisting your wife carry a .45 because, “They don’t make a .46,” is macho crap.  If you don’t think she can pull a .38 snub or .380 at 2 yards, shoot someone in the brain housing group and end it…well?  Encourage her to get a gun she can handle and carry.  Her big heavy hard to carry and conceal .45 in the closet on the shelf or in the glove box won’t help her when the rapist tries too grab her in the parking lot!  Nothing is funnier then when a couple approaches me a gun show looking to by a holster to conceal her Glock 22 with an M3 Tac-light on the rail, especially when she’s a she 5-4 110 lbs, and in form fitting clothing.  To top it off he insist she wear it somewhere on her body, yeah, right.

Some of these suggestions for a carry gun aren’t going to be something you take to the range and shoot all day. You take them to the range fire a couple mags or cylinders, to show you’re proficient, the ammo you carry functions in the gun and then practice with a larger gun. Marksmanship is marksmanship.

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